Najib urges Malaysians to help Utusan Malaysia by buying copies of its newspapers

najib razak utusan malaysia

PETALING JAYA: Former Prime Minister Najib Razak today urged Malaysians to help Utusan Malaysia and Kosmo dailies by buying copies of their newspapers and visiting their websites.

He also urges advertisers and companies to consider collaborating with and buying advertorial space in Utusan or Kosmo.

Najib also advises Utusan to do not wait for help or support from Pakatan Harapan government as this later was the cause of Utusan sufferings today.

“Don’t hope that the PH government will help the oldest newspaper company in Malaysia.

“Don’t hope that the PH government will save the cultural heritage and the mouthpiece of the Malays,” he wrote on his Facebook.

Najib added that Utusan had been victimized when PH has frozen UMNO accounts.

“How can we help? Umno’s bank account has been frozen by the ‘cruel’ PH government,” he said

It was reported yesterday that Utusan will cease all its publication, print and online publications as it is suffering financial upheaval.


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