Najib says he was ‘a gentleman,’ doubled the size of Malaysia economy to RM1.4 trillion, but it’s OK if no one appreciates it

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Najib Razak says it’s OK if nobody appreciated his efforts for the nation.Photo/NZ Fb

In politics, never be a gentleman, Former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak wrote in a note a day before he was sent to jail.

He said: “Leading Malaysia for almost 10 years. Some say that rising does not step on opponents, falling does not drag friends.

” I guess in politics, you should never be a gentleman. But that’s my personality, how can I be someone I am not? He said in the note after stating all the projects and all what he had done for Malaysia since he took over the country.”

Former Prime Minister added, all this time he just wanted to give his best to the country and solve the legacy problems left by his predecessor, though the country abd the world were going through several financial crises.

 “There are those who say that this political world is cunning with persecution, cruel, hostile, sincerity is rewarded with betrayal and humiliation. I myself have seen and experienced all this till now. 

“Maybe this is the journey that is destined in the world for me,” Najib said in the post which was dated 22 August..

Through the post on Facebook, Najib said, he succeeded in strengthening Malaysia’s economy during his 10 years of holding the position of Prime Minister, without bringing down any individual.

Najib also highlighted he succeeded in doubling the size of our economy from RM700 billion to RM1.4 trillion, building national assets by increasing the value of Khazanah assets to the level of RM116 billion from RM33 billion, strengthening Tabung Haji assets from RM21 billion to RM74 billion, bringing EPF assets from RM300 billion to RM800 billion and ensure Petronas reserves increase from RM30 billion to RM176 billion.

 Najib also said that he provided welfare assistance with direct cash grants and increased the rate, expanded eligibility year after year and put the people first with the 1Malaysia Clinic, UTC, rakyat housing and Hajj quota.

 “I never left the people. I was only interested in doing my job, giving my best .

“In fact, I defended the survival of the people at a time of desperation and great need by preparing the Employment Insurance Scheme, and fought to obtain the issuance of the EPF i-sinar, i-Lestari, i-Citra.

 “It’s okay if no one appreciates because that’s life. I sincerely lead Malaysia. I gave my best, I tried my best. It’s okay if no one appreciates it. Only Allah SWT knows best,” he said. – Malaysia World News


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