Najib Razak: RM1.3 billion allocation for Langkawi people

najib razak at langkawi
Najib at the “I Am Usahawan GO 4.0” programme in Langkawi.

LANGKAWI: RM1.3 billion was allocated for five projects in Langkawi Island, announced Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak here today.

Among the 5 projects are: upgrading Langkawi Hospital (RM500 million); building an off river reservoir facility in Padang Mat Sirat (RM600 mil); and building a new fishermen jetty in Kuala Teriang and extension to the wave breaker in Chenang (RM3.7 million).

Langkawi Member of Parliament, Datuk Ir Nawawi Ahmad described the allocation as being “extraordinary” and “a blessing for the people in Langkawi”.

According to Datuk Ir Nawawi, the island would be facing a major clean water supply crisis by 2019 if the project does not take off soon, he said, adding that the existing system could no longer accommodate the demand for clean water supply in the next two years.

“The allocation is the best gift from the Prime Minister and Barisan Nasional government for the people in Langkawi because it will be able to accommodate future demand until 2040,” New Straits Time quoted him as saying.

Nawawi said the RM500 million allocated to upgrade Langkawi Hospital is for the people to enjoy a better health services.

“I didn’t expect Najib would make the announcement today but it was a pleasant surprise for all of us in Langkawi,” he added.

The Prime Minister Najib said: “Currently, Langkawi Hospital can accommodate only 110 beds, and the bed occupancy rate is nearly 90%.

“Therefore, an additional building for Langkawi Hospital has been approved under the Third Rolling Plan of 11MP,” he said in his speech when opening the “I Am Usahawan GO 4.0” programme, organised by the Malaysian Malay Chambers of Commerce to create awareness on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in Langkawi.

New Straits Time also quoted Ayer Hangat assemblyman Datuk Mohd Rawi Abdul Hamid as saying: “the allocation truly reflected the wishes of the people in Langkawi.

“I am very delighted and grateful by the Prime Minister work visit here as he made very important announcements for Langkawi.

“The approval of RM500 million for Langkawi Hospital upgrading works proved that the Prime Minister truly listens to the aspirations of the people here.

“Our concern on the clean water supply in future had been addressed by the RM600 million allocations and I am confident that the Prime Minister will announce more great news for us in the next two months,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kuah assemblyman Nor Saidi Nanyan said the allocation “proved Najib’s honesty in delivering his promises to bring in more development for the betterment of Langkawi folks,” he said.

Najib said the projects proved that the Barisan Nasional government was committed to ensuring the welfare of Langkawi people.



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