Najib Razak Deserves a National Pardon

najib deserves national pardon
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A pardon will clear Najib bad record in Malaysia for the purpose of maintaining his MP post and helping the country development.

If pardoned he can also become Prime Minister again.

A national pardon is the whole nation forgiveness of a crime or the cancellation (in whole or in part) of the penalty associated with it.

Najib has done more good than bad. Without the wisdom of his father and grandfather, Malaysia would not be as it is today, a highly developing nation with solid infrastructure, good Gross domestic product and GDP growth rate.

`The homeland is forgiving and merciful`

Malaysians cannot stand feeling saddened, seeing their leader Former Prime Minister who is also the son of the father of development Tun Razak who developed the nation being jailed and staying behind bars.

Besides his father, Najib has also contributed a lot to this country.

He has been a liberal and reforming leader of the predominantly Muslim country of over 33 million people. He speaks impeccable English with a posh accent, has his own blog and has a strong social media following, more than 4million followers in his Facebook.

Najib was thrust into politics in 1976 after his father died, becoming Malaysia’s youngest lawmaker at age 22, and the youngest ever deputy minister two years later. He became prime minister in 2009, replacing Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

As both finance minister and prime minister, Najib guided his country through the global financial crisis of 2009, abolished draconian colonial-era security laws and reached out to ethnic minorities with a “1Malaysia” campaign.

Then-President Barack Obama once praised Najib as a “reformer with much to do.”

Malaysia has lost a great statesman who played a key role in shaping the country’s economic development and national unity, following the legacy and footprint of his father Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, Malaysia’s second prime minister who served from 1970 to 1976.

Known as ‘Bapa Pembangunan’ (Father of Development), Tun Abdul Razak was the one who introduced the New Economic Policy, which charted the country’s economic direction and had a profound impact on the people, even until today.

When Najib took over the Prime Minister post he came up with so many business projects that could lance the country development to a high level. Among the great projects he introduced and launched were 1MDB, Exchange 106 tower, and many other initiatives that would boost Malaysia economy have not been for political conflicts, corruption and sabotage.

Japan Times newspaper on one of its pages wrote: Malaysia’s Najib is out of power but his legacy lives on in giant skyscraper. 

What if the nation and all Malaysians pardon Najib?

Without a royal pardon Najib will not be able to be freed, even if the whole nation pardoned him.

Only the king can grant him a pardon and free him from prison.

Najib has to launch a petition to get the royal pardon.

The federal court on Tuesday (August 23) upheld Najib`s conviction and sentenced him to 12 years in prison, however Najib, 69, maintained his innocence.

Just before the verdict, he stood up in the dock to make a statement protesting the top court’s series of refusals last week to postpone the appeal hearings.

Najib said he felt he was “unfairly treated” and that his case has been rushed through.

The Federal court has rejected his new lawyers `application to adduce new evidence and postpone the hearing for 2 or 3 months.

A day before his final court appeal hearing, Najib swore in the mosque he did not do any wrong and he had no idea about the RM42 million. He also said his political enemies trapped him and prayed to God to curse them.

‘If all these are fabricated by my political enemies, then I pray for a curse to befall them,’ he said in a speech at Masjid Jamek Kampung Baru.

The former prime minister denied any involvement in the transfer of SRC International funds.

He said he had no idea about the RM42 million that was transferred into his bank accounts was from the company.

“I am standing here to clear my name and my family’s name. If I lie on this oath, Allah, may you punish me…If all of this is slander planned by my political enemies, I ask you to punish them,” he added.

Earlier, one of the prosecutors told the court that Najib committed offences and mistakes as he was holding many posts – He was a Prime Minister and also a Finance Minister, and also Director of many national projects.

When a person is holding many big posts like that they have very big responsibility and tasks that they might fail to handle, or even count properly.

Najib relied on his wife Rosmah Mansor, friends he trusted like Jow Low and his entourage to help him handle the country projects and finance. They might have failed him or even cheated on him. Nobody would believe Najib is a thief except those with political agenda.

Many Malaysian people do not see Najib as a cunning man or thief, but most of them look at him as a naïve man who easily trusted his cronies and people who were working with him.

Of course he is responsible for all 1MDB losses as he was the leader. This will be a lesson for all leaders who are not very careful and don`t hold up to their responsibility and duties the public trust them with. 


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