Najib: Pakatan Harapan manifesto does not mention about Islam, Bumiputra and rural development

Supporters of Najib Razak from Pekan waving BN flag at Putrajaya yesterday.

PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak reminds the people that there is no mention about Islam, Bumiputera agenda and the rural development in Pakatan Harapan (PH) Manifesto, compared to Barisan Nasional (BN) Manifesto that was launched on Saturday evening.

Najib then asked the people to look and study carefully the PH manifesto whether it could be reliable and will benefit them in future.

“If we look at the PH manifesto on its strength and its reliability, many questions will arise compared to the answers we get.

“I would also like the people to look whether the (PH) manifesto will benefit or not, because there is no mention of Islam, Bumiputera agenda and very little about rural development,” he said in front of  about 1,000 UMNO and BN supporters from Pekan, Pahang at a high-tea session at the Prime Minister’s residence on Sunday.

The gathering was organised by his supporters’ team KAWAN or “Kelab Anak Wawasan Pekan” from Pekan, Pahang.

The Prime Minister reiterated: “if we look at the “windows of their hearts”, I believe they (the opposition parties) are not with us in Pekan and so it is not beneficial to vote for them.”

Najib is the sixth Prime Minister of Malaysia and the Member of Parliament of Pekan Pahang.

The Prime Minister who is also the President of UMNO launched the BN Manifesto on Saturday evening that covers all levels of society and 14 states in Malaysia for the coming 14th General Election.

He added, he uses the words of the great-grandparents that says, “If the tree is not strong, then it is not reliable, cannot lean on it and will not benefit us.”         

“For the rest, you are all clever people, have intelligence and can make your own conclusion.

“We are at the climax of the nation’s administration in Putrajaya. Look at the Prime Minister’s (PM) office now. I can mention this as we are all from Pekan, Pahang. The person who sits on the PM’s seat is from Pekan,” he said to his supporters and constituents.

Meanwhile, one supporter from Pekan said to Malaysia World News (MWN): “Our relationship with the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib is like one family, like our brother and we are here to support our hometown and country leader.”

Another supporter said, “We are very excited and happy with what PM Najib offers in the BN Manifesto and we look forward to helping him in the General Election campaign in Pekan.” 

– Malaysia World News        

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