Najib: 67,000 taxi drivers receive RM800 each, BR1M

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About 67,000 taxi drivers will receive Taxi 1Malaysia Privilege Card – a special card containing a preloaded value of RM800 to purchase petrol and gas (NGV) at Petronas stations.

Apart from that the government also grants a personal accident insurance coverage up to RM50,000 offered by Mesra-AXXESS, said the Prime Minister Najib Razak when announcing this initiative today at MAEPS Serdang.

This government initiative is given to taxi drivers in view that fuel whether petrol or compressed natural gas is a significant portion of the operation costs for a taxi or hired vehicles.

More than 10,000 taxi drivers attended the function today at MAEPS, Serdang here.

Since PM Najib took over a lot of transformation done in the land transportation of Malaysia including train, buses and taxis.

The Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak  said in his speech, before handing over the privilege cards to all the states’ representatives, all taxi drivers are eligible to apply for 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M).

He also said that E-hailing companies have to be  incorporated in Malaysia. All E-hailing drivers will have to obtain a driver’s card from SPAD. They have to register with SPAD.

This terms and conditions for E- hailing services have been approved and gazetted on the 6th April by  the government.

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