Muslims feel safer in non-Muslim countries than in Muslim countries, says Malaysia Prime Minister Dr M

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Malaysia Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad (pic) today pointed that Muslim refugees feel safer in non-Muslim countries than in Muslim countries.

“Muslim countries have failed. Their citizens have to save themselves by going to non-Muslim countries.

“I feel sad looking at Muslims today.

“Most of the Muslim countries are not safe and are not willing to accept refugees,” a news portal quoted him saying last night at an event organised by the Malaysian Islamic Welfare Association (Perkim).

Millions of refugees have migrated to European countries seeking for safety and protection, the Prime Minister of Malaysia said.

“This is not because of Islam as a religion itself, but it`s because the Muslims ignore the teachings of Islam even though they often preach in God’s name,” he said.

Mahathir said, “Many governments oppress their citizens, even though they (these governments) are Muslim.”

This is because “they do not abide by the religious teachings,” he added.

Dr Mahathir also blames those who have political interests as the core cause for division and disunity among Muslims today.

“Because of different interests, political interests for example, we (Muslims) are divided and have become weak,” Free Malaysia Today quoted him saying.

In an earlier posting on his blog titled Mendaulatkan Islam, Dr Mahathir questions whether some Muslim leaders are shouting the name of “Allah” at their movements to protect Islam and Muslims or they are doing it only to draw support for their political gain.

“They are willing to kill other Muslims, something that is prohibited by Islam. There is no movement by Muslims who want to uphold Islam that talks about the sins of killing, especially killing Muslims.

“Committing sin by doing things prohibited by religion should not be done in the name of Allah, “ he said.

Mahathir also urges Malaysians to be thankful that they live in a peaceful country.


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