Muslim countries should protect their citizens, says Sultan Nazrin

KUALA LUMPUR: Muslim countries are urged to develop with a healthy political system, good governance and provide protection to their citizens.

His Majesty, Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Azlan Shah said, among the root problems of why the Muslims seek refuge in developed countries such as Europe are they wanted to have a financially secured life, good education, better human rights and more freedom which they did not have in their home country.

“Muslims from Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are among others who fled out of their countries due to desperation and struggle for life,” said Sultan Nazrin in his speech at the closing ceremony of the Kuala Lumpur Summit 2019 here on Saturday Dec.21.

Sultan Nazrin hopes that what have been discussed, planned and agreed upon at the summit should be implemented and if it does not materialised then the three days meeting will only be a “Talking Fest”

Meanwhile, accessing the success of the KL Summit 2019, Sultan Nazrin has announced that the future summit will be known as “Dialog Perdana 2020”.

Referring on how and what kind of programmes can be done to develop the national sovereignty of Muslim countries that are in crisis, His Majesty Sultan Nazrin who is also the Ruler of Perak said, wealthy and economically strong Muslim countries should help the people who are in need of help at the borders and beyond borders.

“At present Muslim countries are not doing enough to help even though countries like Turkey provides asylum to 4 million refugees, Lebanon 1.5 million while Jordan, Pakistan, and Iran are also hosting big number of refugees,” he added.

His Majesty Sultan of Perak also cited that at present there are 70 million of refugees in the world as quoted by UN High Commissioner for Refugees 2019. However, more than 10 million refugees originate from Muslim countries.

“The Muslim refugees include women and children who had experienced shocking abuses. In this respect, how could others help the countries that are in crisis to develop in achieving their national sovereignty?” asked Sultan Nazrin.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad said, the KL Summit 2019 is considered successful following 18 exchanges of instruments in various fields have been agreed upon.

Among the important areas where collaboration has been agreed upon include in the advanced high technology aspects, media collaboration, youth programmes, food security and security and defence prospects.

Dr. Mahathir also stressed that the KL Summit has managed to find solutions and programmes to assist the “Ummah” to solve their plights “The KL Summit has become an important platform for the Muslims to assist countries which have been sanctioned economically and also to share expertise among them,” said Dr.Mahathir.

Dr.Mahathir also reiterated that the suggestion to use the gold “Dinar” as the common currency within the Muslim countries is a good move to avoid being too dependent on the enemies of Islam that dictates and dismisses all the good efforts to help the “Ummah”. –Malaysia World News

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