Murder case of Kevin Morais: Court rejected appeal of six men sentenced to death 

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PUTRAJAYA: The Court of Appeal here Thursday has described the murder case of Deputy Public Prosecutor, Datuk Anthony Kevin Morais nine years ago as an extraordinary case.

The panel of three judges chaired by Datuk Hadhariah Syed Ismail had decided to uphold the High Court verdict that sentenced six men to be hanged for murdering Kevin nine years ago.

Those involved are the first till the sixth appellant namely pathology expert, Kolonel Dr. R Kunaseegaran 61; money lender S. Ravi Chandran, 53, and four unemployed including R.Dinishwaran, 32; A.K Thinesh Kumar,31; M. Vishwanath,34; and S. Nimalan, 31.

Datuk Hadhariah with two other judges, Datuk Ahmad Zaidi and Datuk Azmi Ariffin made the decision on consensus and when reading the decision Hadhariah said, the court found that the murder had been planned thoroughly.

Hadhariah said, based on the condition of Kevin’s body when found had shown the cruelties of the six men. They did not only kill the victim but also burnt Kevin’s car and threw the things belonging to him.

“Therefore in our opinion the sentence that is hanging to death to all the men is matching with the offence made,” he said.

Hadhariah added, the case started when the 54th prosecution’s witness (driver, G.Gunasekaran) with the third until seventh accused followed Kevin who drove Proton Perdana car from Menara Duta Kuala Lumpur.

When reaching the traffic light, he said, the seventh accused person came out from the car driven by Gunasekaran after the victim’s car had been knocked by another car Mitsubishi Triton at 7.38am, 4th Sept.2015.

However he said, the victim’s car had been found burnt 100 per cent in the palm oil estate in Hutan Melintang, Perak.

At the end of the prosecution’s case, the High Court evaluated that all the men except the first appellant were seen for the last time with the victim, so they had the chance to impose on the deputy public prosecutor.

“Based on the trial judge’s decision that the cause of Kevin’s death was suffocation because he was unable to breath in which it could be concluded that all the men had the same intention when knocking, kidnapping and killing the victim,” he said.

He added, the forensic expert had found that the injuries and the condition of the body of the victim when found had shown that the incident could not be done by one suspect only.

He said, different from the defence’s statement in which the six men said they did not know the victim, without intention or motive to kill Kevin.

“The first appellant Kunaseegaran was found to have the intention (kill) with the victim while the other five appellants were his vassals.

“After studying all the reasons in the trial judgement, the statements forwarded to this court, we found that the judge did not do any mistakes on legal aspect or facts and for that the punishment imposed on them was correct,” he said.

Following that he added, the six men’s appeal on the case conviction in the two appeals are rejected.

He said, the case conviction and the sentences made by the judge of the High Court in both the appeals are rejected.

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