Muhyiddin Yassin: Malaysia’s best Prime Minister in the worst period of its history


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Former Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin was one of the best prime ministers Malaysia has ever had. Most of my friends, especially the Muslims like him so much and feel so sorry when he resigned.
Muhyiddin took over the government in the worse time Malaysia has ever had, amidst the worse ever political instability, Covid-19 pandemic, and economic crisis.
Muhyiddin has never said he wanted to be a Prime Minister, or waited years to become a Prime Minister, even when he was the Deputy Prime Minister to the Former Prime Minister Najib Razak.
He fought against corruption when 1MDB issue emerged, as a result he was sacked from his post as Deputy Prime Minister.
Haven`t been for him and Dr Mahathir joining Pakatan Harapan (PH) in 2018, the opposition would have never won the general election in 2018 or become a government.
Many people did not see how Muhyiddin fought the alleged corrupt. People from the media and those who follow news closely know these facts and should not forget it.
It was obvious that the opposition turned against him after he was appointed a Prime Minister, instead of Anwar Ibrahim who was the Prime Minister in-waiting at that time.
But it was not Muhyiddin`s mistake. We should not blame him when more than half of Malaysian people wanted him to become Prime Minister, among these people were many MPs from Umno, Pas, Bn, Bersatu, and other political party allies.
When he was appointed by the king to be the PM and take over Dr Mahathir who willingly resigned as Prime Minister he at that time had majority support from all Umno and BN MPs.
As time goes, it was alleged that he did not agree to many things that some Umno leaders were proposing, which resulted in some of them withdrew support for him and caused him to lose majority and resign.
Muhyiddin, since he took over, he was so humble , gentleman, never commented badly on anyone or accused anyone.
He put aside politics and concentrated on battling the fatal Covid 19 pandemic that gripped the nation and paralyzed the economy.
In all his speeches, he always said he did not want to keep politicking while the people are suffering and their lives were in danger.
Before the vaccine was invented, all the people were uncertain of their future. Many people were dying. Muhyiddin kept appearing on the local TV channels and praying for our safety and proposing plans and strategies to save us.
While the opposition were criticizing him with harsh words on social media, calling him names such as ” backdoor government”, ” incompetent PM” and so on, only concerning about how to topple him and his Cabinet and took over, he was dealing with the situation very coolly with faith and patience.
It was not him who toppled PH government, it was Dr Mahathir himself – who resigned and did not recommended Anwar to take over.
Revenge politics should be stopped in Malaysia, and politicians must know that those who deserve to rule they will get it. Those who do not deserve to be there they will not!


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