MRT-AADK programmes to reach out drug addicts for treatment and recovery services – Minister Hamzah

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KAJANG, SELANGOR: The National Anti-Drug Agency Mobile Recovery Treatment (MRT-AADK) programme provides a mobile and community based approach services to reach the people easily as the programme offers a more flexible treatment and recovery package suitable to the clients’ need.

Minister of Home Affairs, Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin said, the new concept of reaching out to the people is now being used instead of waiting for the people to get the services from the government agency.

“This new service channel following the boutique concept with the tagline “AADK FOR YOU” will increase volunteerism in the drug addiction treatment and recovery and subsequently becomes a new attraction in delivering services in a more concern and friendly way,” Hamzah said.

Hamzah said that at the official launching of “MRT-AADK Programme for the Treatment and Recovery of Drug Addiction” organised by AADK, Ministry of Home Affairs at the AADK Headquarters, Sungai Merab, today.

The Minister added, the service is provided outside AADK premises and will be implemented by the MRT-AADK Team at 14 AADK state offices. Currently two MRT-AADK Teams consisting of skilled officers in the treatment and recovery of drug addiction has been formed in every state.

Zainudin also mentioned that the MRT-AADK pilot project has been implemented on the prisoners involved in drug addiction in 2021and have received good responds from them.

“The cooperation between AADK and Malaysian Prison Department is a problem solving approach to address the issue of relapsed drug addicted prisoners besides increasing their level of compliance to attend the AADK Treatment and Recovery of Addiction in the Community Programme after they have been released from the prison.

“Several agencies have also shown their interests to cooperate with AADK to treat and recover their clients. The Social Welfare Department (JKM) has made preparations to use MRT-AADK to treat their clients without having to leave their premises and affects the other recovery programmes that they are attending.

“Besides that MRT-AADK will also be implemented on clients in the AADK institution that needs special intervention session via expert team such as suicide attempt, reluctant and resistance to get recovery treatment at the AADK premises,” Hamzah said.–Malaysia World News


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