Mrs Malaysia ChinaTown International Global 2016 – Irene Chen

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Malaysia Chinatown International Global 2016, Irene Chen

Kuala Lumpur: Irene Chen, 34, a manager at AvanteGarde Automotive Sdn. Bhd.Malaysia Hyundai Authorized Car Service in Cheras, was crowned as Mrs. Malaysia Chinatown International Global 2016.

She has  shined over more than 18  contestants at the Chinatown International Beauty Pageant which was held at Galaxy Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur recently.

She won this title after having amazed the audiences and the judges with her gorgeous and confident catwalk and most importantly her talent in singing English songs.

At the final contest, she sang the cool, famous song ” You Raise Me Up” of Josh Groban, and said the song was dedicated to her mother.

Malaysia Chinatown International Global 2016, Irene Chen
Malaysia Chinatown International Global 2016, Irene Chen

“I participated in the Chinatown International Beauty Pageant because of its theme `Beauty with a Heart` which focuses more on the inner beauty rather than the physical and external beauty”, said Irene to Malaysia World News reporter, in an exclusive interview on Monday.

“I always liked to do some charity projects to help the needy and the orphanage. Chinatown International Beauty Pageant is a good platform for charity activities. Now I am so happy and feel blessed that I could take part and help people who need our help”, she added.

She said, for example before the final, the contestants raised funds for “Kiwanis Down Syndrome Klang Foundation” under the theme “Embracing Down Syndrome With Beauty and Love”- a charity event held on 2 April 2016.

Chinatown International Beauty Pageant is about Malaysian Chinese culture and heritage, and the winner will represent Malaysia at The Mrs. Chinatown International Pageants. During the final night, the contestants made various, colorful shows that portray Chinese women lifestyles and fashions. The highlight of the event was the catwalk wearing the famous traditional Chinese dress, the `Cheongsam`,  a Chinese traditional, stylish and often tight-fitting  qipao (chipao) that is still worn by upper-class Chinese women, especially during big events or occasions.

Irene Chen and her Husband Alex Chai ( middle) with their Hyndai 2S Centre Staff
Irene Chen and her husband Alex Chai ( middle) with their Hyundai 2S Centre Staff

Moreover, the Chinatown International Beauty Pageant is also an opportunity and platform for meeting other important people and making friends.

” Today I have more friends and busy with more activities than before I participated in this Beauty Pageant.

” I hope more women nowadays could be more confident in showing their inner beauty , not only their external beauty…because the real beauty is in the heart and soul. Your smile and love for others is the best charity you can give”, Irene added.

” This also helps my business to grow – it also makes me more confident,  and gives me the opportunity to meet with great people.

” Before I participated in the beauty pageant I was not very confident of myself, but I learned a lot from its programmers, activities, and training classes. I was surprised I could do well in the final!.

Irene Chen and her supportive husband are running their own business, Hyundai Authorized Car Service in Cheras and they employ 25 staff who offer a variety of services to Hyundai and continental car owners from after sale services to repair and maintenance.

For her, participating in this beauty pageant is only a step to build more confidence, do some charity projects, and have more friends… yes beauty with a  heart – is not about the physical beauty but about what you give back to the society.

Chinatown International Beauty Pageant 2016, which creates a life changing experience for married women to transform themselves into more confident and knowledgeable women,  was sponsored by In Design Studio Florist, SizMakeup & 512 Studio, Beauty Sense Makeup Studio, Smart Beauty, Glowmax International, Apothicaire, Movida@pj Centrestage, Eve’s Magic, and Global Medical Wellness. And it is organized by Pageant Director, Sharon Too, who is also the Pageant Director at Mrs. Malaysia Asia International, Mrs. Asia International World Final, and Mrs. Malaysia World, Officially Preliminary Pageant to Mrs.World.

Graduate with a Master of Mass Communication. 10 years working experience in the media and broadcasting.

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