MPWM launched Japanese halal cup noodle “Freedom Ramen” in Malaysia

Ms Plus World Malaysia 2021/22 Annaliza (middle) and Second Runner Up Nicole (Middle left) posing with Freedom Ramen at the Femme Luxe Fashion Show and High-Tea – 18 Sept.2022

Miss Plus World Malaysia (MPWM), the preliminary to the international pageant Miss Plus World, has recently launched the Japanese halal cup noodle “Freedom Ramen” in Malaysia, as part of its initiative in raising awareness about body positivity and healthy lifestyle, in conjunction with Femme Luxe Fashion Show and High-Tea which took place at Sunway Putra Hotel Kuala Lumpur on Sunday 18th September 2022.

MPWM beauty pageant organization, through its partner Dunheved Industries Sdn. Bhd (an import and export  company) will help distribute the halal cup noodle “Freedom Ramen” in Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak effective from October 1, 2022.

MPWM is glad to import the product from Japan to Malaysia and collaborate with the CEO and Founder of Freedom Ramen, Mr Yoshitaka Tanaka from Japan.

Freedom Ramen is Muslim, vegetarian and vegan friendly that is now available in Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.

The Japanese halal cup noodle “Freedom Ramen” has become more widely accessible to the public as it is so delicious, easy to prepare, fairly inexpensive, and storable at room temperature.

One Muslim friend enthusiastically praised it, saying: “To get cup noodles with this flavour for this price is just fantastic!”.

The selling price is RM7.5 per cup, however, the more you buy the more discounts you get.

According to Miss Plus World Co-Organizer Suraya Godwinson, the income from the sale of this product is meant to raise fund for the beauty pageant to cover the heavy cost of its programmes and Grand Finals event. Miss Plus World Malaysia is a platform for plus size ladies who opt to be recognized as international models or beauty ambassadors. The objectives of the pageant is to celebrate and elevate women’s beauty, intelligence and confidence, as well as promoting healthy lifestyle, body positive and women empowerment.

Guests enjoying Freedom Ramen at Femme Luxe Fashion Show event

With a halal-certified kitchen and many years of experience, we know the culinary trends favoured by Muslims, so we set out to take the whole cuisine to Japan, Mr Yoshitaka Tanaka said in a statement.

Image“Bringing peace to the world through food and entertainment”. Since food is the starting point of life, people of different cultures and values can get along well by eating together

“We are also excited we can bring delicious farm products to people across Japan and the world,” he said.

Between 2013-2017, Yoshitaka Tanaka was in charge of recruiting restaurants for a new outlet mall in Malaysia for a real estate developer.

At the time, there were very few halal cuisines in Japan. But as many people from abroad started visiting Japan, the country is now well prepared to accommodate dietary needs of all the people mainly the Muslim tourists.

“The first project we undertook after the start-up was to export Malaysian halal frozen food to Japan. It was a collaboration with Curetex, a Japanese company introducing Japanese food products in Malaysia,” added Yoshitaka.

In those days, most hotels in Japan did not have halal-compliant kitchens, nor did they have chefs trained for halal food. But by freezing the food prepared in halal kitchens in Malaysia, many hotels can now serve halal food, he said.

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In 2018, Yoshitaka established a Halal Central Kitchen in Kumamoto to complete his framework for providing halal food to hotels and restaurants.

 “Even if there’s nothing to eat in Japan, as long as I have cup noodles, I’ll be fine”. This inspired me to develop cup noodles with the ‘Halal Japanese Food’ concept,” said Yoshitaka.

However, Freedom Ramen is now the favorite, appetizing cup noodle not only for Muslims but all the people regardless their race or religion.

To get a cup noodle Freedom Ramen, please contact or purchase it from Miss Plus World Malaysia:

or Whatsapp: +601 1142 39 098

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