MPs should cooperate to develop the country, focus on the welfare of the people – King

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KUALA LUMPUR: His Majesty Sultan Ibrahim, King of Malaysia has emphasised the need for Members of Parliament (MPs) to focus on efforts to look after the welfare of the people.

Making his inaugural royal address at the opening of the Third Session of the 15th Parliament today (26th Feb), His Majesty said, his role is to carry out the responsibilities and shoulder the trust of the Malay Rulers to ensure the nation’s sovereignty, prosperity and people’s wellbeing are always protected.

“Hence, I call upon all MPs, whether on my right or my left, to unite and cooperate to develop the country for the benefit of all Malaysians.

“To me, the success or failure of the country is not solely the responsibility of the Prime Minister, but all 222 MPs who are the elected representatives of the people. All parties are aware that my priority is the lives of more than 33 million Malaysian citizens out there,” His Majesty said.

The King was accompanied to the Parliament by Her Majesty Raja Zarith Sofiah, Queen of Malaysia.

Further in his speech, His Majesty Sultan Ibrahim also warned that he will not entertain any requests from any party that tries to undermine the political stability of the country.

“All parties must accept reality and respect the unity government that has been formed. If anyone wants to play politics, wait for the next election.

“My speech today is also rather subtle than it usually is in Johor. I am giving everyone a chance and don’t wish to aggrieve anybody, but in future, please be careful,” His Majesty said.

His Majesty has also called upon the government machinery to improve its integrity and efficiency of work ethics to achieve economic development.

“I welcome Malaysia’s 29th ranking in the World Competitiveness Index 2023 in the government’s efficiency aspect and I encourage the ongoing efforts to increase the people’s confidence in the effectiveness of services provided by the public agencies,” His Majesty reiterated.

His Majesty has also stressed that he dislike systems which involve excessive red tape. Therefore, the efficiency of work processes and governance must be constantly evaluated and improved.

“I sincerely hope that enforcement agencies will be more expeditious and efficient in their investigations to ensure prompt resolutions of cases,” His Majesty added.

His Majesty has also requested the Unity Government to take a firm position on the Palestinian cause by calling for an immediate ceasefire and accelerating humanitarian aid access to the people of Gaza.

“Malaysia’s active role in both the ASEAN and international levels should be sustained to foster a spirit of unity and spur progress while considering the geopolitical challenges and regional developments,” His Majesty said.

Meanwhile the third session of the 15th Parliament will run until 27th March 2024. –Malaysia World News


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