Motion of confidence for PM and PN government in Parliament scheduled Sept. 7, 2021, politicians should accept criticisms – Minister Saifuddin


 PUTRAJAYA AUG.12:  The motion of confidence on the legitimacy of Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as the Prime Minister and the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government will be held at the Parliamentary session on 7th September 2021 as a notice has been released by the Dewan Rakyat Speaker.

Minister of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia (MCMM) Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah said, currently there is no discussion on the date to be brought earlier than what has been fixed.

“In politics anything can be possible. However, the Prime Minister has taken cognisance that some people want it to be organised earlier than in September.

“The Cabinet ministers had discussed on how the session should be done even though there was a precedent in the past but this time the “temperature” will not be the same.

“The motion of confidence may be moved by the Deputy Prime Minister or by other Cabinet Minister,” Saifuddin said at the media conference held here today after attending the virtual session with the CyberSecurity Heads of Departments.

Regarding the arrest of some people who had been criticising the Menteri Besar of Kedah and local political leaders, Saifuddin said, he did not agree with that action unless the people criticise on issues relating the Malay Rulers, race and religion or on seditious issues.

“As democrats, a politician should allow the people to criticise because some people may like or do not like him/her. If a politician is not able to reply just be quiet while the people should also criticise in a good manner,” Saifuddin added.

On the question of some law experts writing on the issue of vote of confidence on the Prime Minister and the position of PN Government today in the mainstream media, Saifuddin said, they have given various views on the subject based on the law and the Federal Constitution and this has opened up for interpretations.

“It helps to deepen readers’ knowledge but unlike some extreme political leaders have made statements that are adversarial and had put aside elements of decency,” he reiterated.

Meanwhile on the virtual meeting with the CyberSecurity Management Group here today, Saifuddin said, more marketing and promotional work should be done to make the users, developer and the producers to increase their awareness on the products and services provided by CyberSecurity Malaysia (CSM).

Saiffuddin said, on the promotional work on the role of CSM, the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) will be start shooting the film based on true stories on cyber security in September 2021.                   

The Minister also mentioned on the National Cryptography Policy that had been launched in 2013 but not implemented until today. On this matter he said, he will bring it up to the Cabinet to know how far it had been carried out or it will have to be reviewed.

On the budget allocated by the government for future cyber security projects, Saifuddin said, a special presentation at the Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara will be carried out at the Parliamentary session scheduled on November/December 2021. –Malaysia World News  

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