Mosque built by Malaysia destroyed by Israel bomb attack


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KUALA LUMPUR: The Muhammad Al Amin mosque in Palestine built as a result of the Malaysians’ efforts and contributions was completely destroyed after it was bombed by Israeli forces on Saturday 7th Oct.2023.

Muslim Care Malaysia in its Facebook post said, they have created a history for having successfully built a big and beautiful mosque in 2013.

“Our hearts are shattered to see the magnificent mosque that was funded by the Malaysians had been destroyed as a result of a bomb attack by Israel.

“Today the mosque was completely levelled and can no longer be used by the people,” the posting said.

The posting added, despite the destruction, the jihadist spirit of Muslims will never fade.

“As strong as the “fighting spirit” of our brothers in Palestine, so is the strength of our hearts to continue to be united,” the posting said.

According to Muslim Care Malaysia, more aids and funds will be channelled as a sign of support to our brothers in Palestine. –Malaysia World News



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