Morocco’s Abdeslam Hili Breaks World Record to Win Gold at Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

morocco wins gold

Morocco`s Abdeslam Hili has broken world record to win gold for Morocco in 400m T12 at Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games on Thursday morning at the Olympic Stadium in the Japanese capital, with Noah Malone of the US took silver, while the Rouay Jebabli of Tunisia claimed bronze.

The 24-year-old Moroccan won with a time of 47.59 seconds, beating his own world record of 47.79 seconds set in 2019 at the World Championships in Dubai. according to the Arab News channel.

Mahdi Afri, another Moroccan para runner participating in the race, came in fourth place in a time of 48.93 seconds.

American para-athlete Noah Malone finished second, setting a personal best time of 47.93 seconds.

This is Abdeslam Hili’s second big achievement after he won gold at the 2019 World Championship.

 “I love competition and this sport provides me with that,” he said in a statement.

Morocco has so far won five medals at the ongoing Paralympic games and is still hoping for other medals.


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