More welfare aids to be enjoyed by MAF veterans

malaysia defence minister mohammed sabu

KUALA LUMPUR: More public and private agencies are expected to be involved to look after the welfare and help raise the socioeconomic status of the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) veterans.

The Ministry of Defence said, the government is planning to increase the involvement of those agencies to take care of the MAF veterans’ welfare.

“The Defence Ministry’s (Mindef)  awareness towards the welfare of the MAF veterans had been proven with the recognition of the National Veteran Council (MVK)  for the second time and the first meeting was held on 24th December 2018 even though it was formed since 2016,” said Mindef in its statement on Thursday Jan.17.    

The Minister of Defence, Mohamad Sabu had also chaired the meeting held with the MAF veterans. Both parties had drafted strategies besides studying the best methods to ensure  MAF veterans to be given priorities as an appreciation for their sacrifices to the country.

“ Mindef  likes to clarify the media reports relating to the issue of Pakatan Harapan (PH) government being accused for ignoring the welfare of MAF veterans.

“The MAF veterans issue was not new and it had been raised since the Barisan Nasional was the government.

“The PH Government through the MAF Veteran Department (JHEV ATM) continues giving out all the benefits and the existing aids and among them are the “Living Aid Scheme, Schooling Aid, Public Universities/Polytechnics Entrance Aid, Patient Equipments Aid, Natural Disaster Aid and other kinds of support,” said the statement.

PH Government had allocated RM98,006,000 through the 2019 Budget compared to RM78, 914,400 allocated in 2018. The Budget was announced on 2nd November 2018.

The Government had also agreed to approve the Special Aid amounting to RM500, 000 to be distributed to ex-army associations.-Malaysia World News          


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