More than two people at a table now can dine at restaurants – Minister


KUALA LUMPUR FEB.18: Dine-in at the restaurants/shops is now allowed depending on the size of the table with physical distancing of one meter from each other effective 19th Feb.2021 regardless of whether the state is placed under the Movement Control Order (MCO), Conditional MCO (CMCO) or Recovery MCO (RMCO).

Earlier the standard operating procedure (SOP) in the states that had been imposed with MCO was only two persons at a table were allowed to dine- in at restaurants/shops.

Senior and Defence Minister, Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, the government had also allowed a vehicle/car to carry passengers according to the seat capacity and this will also be effective starting tomorrow.

Regarding the marriage solemnization (akad nikah) for muslim couples in the MCO states, Ismail said, it could only be held in the Religious Department and mosque with the presence of maximum 20 persons excluding the “jurunikah” and witnesses.

However in the states under CMCO, Ismail said, the marriage solemnization is allowed with a maximum limit of 50% attendance depending on the size of the premises with physical distancing of one meter.

“In the states under the RMCO, the marriage solemnization is allowed with the presence of guests depending on the size of the premises with physical distancing of one meter.

“The SOP for the non-muslim couple’s marriage ceremony will be announced by the Ministry of National Unity,” said Ismail in a press conference held here today.

Ismail added, for official and non-official government events and private sector events, social activities like weddings, engagements, receptions, aqiqah events, “doa” recitation events, “tahlil”, birthday celebrations, reunions, retreats and other social events are not allowed in the states under MCO.

Meanwhile, in the states under CMCO, Ismail said, the events are allowed to be held with the presence of guests filling in 50% of the premises’capacity and adhering to physical distancing while in the states under RMCO, the events are allowed to be held by adhering to the physical distancing.

However, Ismail said, even though most sectors and activities have been permitted to commence but some activities are still under non-permitted list and could be referred to the National Security Council (NSC) website.

In another development, the government has decided to lift the Enhanced MCO (EMCO) imposed in Kg. Sebako 1&2, Lundu, Sarawak on 19th February 2021 as scheduled.

Ismail said, the Ministry of Health had carried out 505 screening tests and out of which 24 cases were detected with positive COVID-19 cases.

“MOH had confirmed that all the positive cases had been admitted to the hospitals for treatments while the close contacts had been separated in the houses that had been monitored until the 14th day,” Ismail added.
The EMCO that had been imposed on the Sultan Idris Shah 2, Secondary School, Gerik, Perak was scheduled to end on 19th February 202.

However MOH had carried out 256 screening tests and out of which four positive cases of COVID-19 had been recorded. There was also four additional positive cases recorded on 18th February 2021 and the second screening tests had been carried out on all the students.

“After a risk analysis was done with several agencies in the MCO Technical Committee, the government had agreed to extend the EMCO effective 20th February until 1st March 2021”, said Ismail.

Regarding the MCO non- compliance activities, Ismail said, 463 individuals had been detained and out of which 440 were compounded while 22 individuals had been remanded and one on bail.

Among the non-compliance activities committed were: No physical distancing (161); Inter –state/district travel without permission (96); No tools to record personal particulars/customers (82); Not wearing face mask (75); Premises operating over the time permitted/without permission (8); Activities in the entertainment centres (6) and others (35). –Malaysia World News

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