Mohamad Sabu: The Defence White Paper will help create “Smart Armies”

sabu defence minister
Mohamad Sabu explaining to the media about the Defence White Paper that will be tabled in Parliament early December.

 KUALA LUMPUR 24 OCT: The Defence White Paper that will be tabled in Parliament early December is aimed to get all stakeholders and the people (rakyat) to be involved in the national defence.

 Minister of Defence, Mohamad Sabu said, the White Paper among others will encourage the people to propagate high spirit and patriotism in defending the sovereignty of the country.

“We want to have a generation of smart armies that could handle the computers and manage cyber securities.

 “The armies are not only skilful in handling traditional weapons but also involved in handling drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) of high technology.

 “The Ministry wants the government and the people to be together with the Malaysian Armies to defend the country. It is not the responsibility of the armies alone but with the support of all citizens too,” he said to the media after delivering his speech at a dialogue session with the civil societies and army veterans on the Defence White Paper: “Defending the Nation” here today.

 Mohamad also said since there is not much publicity on the roles played by the Malaysian Armies, some people have labelled them as only good at “eating and sleeping” only.

 “We do not realise that the Malaysian Armies are also involved in ESSCOM operations in Sabah to defend the sovereignty of the country at all times,” he said.

 According to Mohamad, with the Defence White Paper, the Ministry of Defence could propose higher budget provisions for the high technological military weapons and appliances in the 12th and 13th Malaysia Plan. -Malaysia World News

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