Mohamad Sabu needs to dress properly when going overseas, say netizens

Mohamad Sabu

Malaysia netizens have today slammed their Minister of Defence, Mohamad Sabu for not wearing proper suit while he is on a visit to USA and meeting American officials.

Many photos of Mohamad Sabu circulated on social media since yesterday showing him wearing so humbly in a simple out dated designed suit and without tie, compared to his counterpart official from the USA.

A netizen with the nickname  `Angking, commented on a post saying : ” No need to have new suit.”

This comment drew so many more comments and arguments.

Other netizen defended the argument by saying: “Mat Sabu is the MAN – a man of integrity and a proud Malaysian who stood up and fought corruption and tyranny by UMNO. Respect and support!

Whereas, another user said,” the suit has to be tailored to his body size not Off The shelf.”

Another one said: ” he is not a soldier….need to learn how to dress properly.”

Minister of Defence, Mohamad Sabu is now in United States of America (USA) for a working visit and to accompany Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at the 73rd United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) from 25 until September 29.

His arrival at Pentagon yesterday was received by Defence Secretary, James Norman Mattis.

In the bilateral meeting with James Norman at Pentagon, Washington DC today, Mohamad Sabu had talked on the peacefulness of the South China Sea and stressed that Malaysia will continue to be a neutral country.-Malaysia World News


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