MMIC to help develop local music production, protect the rights of industry players –Minister Saifuddin

Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah music

PUTRAJAYA JULY 19: The government has approved the establishment of the Malaysian Music Industry Corporation (MMIC) on 14th July 2021 to enhance the development and achievements created in the industry besides making the eco-system more orderly.

Minister of Communication and Multimedia Malaysia (MCMM), Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah said, the local music industry has no specific body to manage its development at the moment and as such six ministries and agencies are involved directly or indirectly.

“The formation of the National Creative Industry Development Council in  2020 was the collaboration between MCMM and the Ministry of Tourism, Art and Culture and the establishment of MMIC was one of its objectives to assist the music industry,” Saifuddin said in a press conference held virtually here today.

 Earlier Saifuddin had an introduction session with 11 young local musicians and they were among 960 recipients of the Entertainment from Home Fund together with the representatives from two production companies that assisted them in their productions.

Saifuddin said, the MMIC was established with six objectives and among others is to have a specific body to frame and ensure the development of the local music industry is carried out holistically and synergically implemented with other parties.

He added, the MMIC will facilitate and gives consultation service to assist in handling problems, welfare and protection of the music industry players’ rights to be settled in a collective and harmonious manner.

“The MMIC will be the centre for music industry information to disseminate updates on various music industry aspects and to keep comprehensive data for the purpose of research, planning policies and inclusive strategic plan,” he added.

According to Saifuddin the MMIC will also be the facilitator for infrastructure and distribution of financial incentives and funds for the industry’s growth and welfare of the industry players.

Saifuddin added, MMIC will also mobilise efforts towards development and elevate the national music industry base on knowledge and creative production culture and high quality talents and competent for the international platforms.

“MMIC will monitor the incoming songs to control the yellow culture/extreme elements that could influence the minds of the youth music enthusiasts,” Saifuddin reiterated.

Meanwhile, he said, a temporary committee will be formed and an interim chief executive officer (CEO) will also be appointed while the financial budget will be proposed for the 2022 period.- Malaysia World News          


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