Miss Caribbean Coast Randeika crowned Miss Plus World 2021

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Randeika who was born and raised in the Bahamas has also brought home 3 special awards – Best Costume, Covergirl, and Best Evening Gown.

Texas, USA: Miss Plus World 2021 (MPW 2021) has recently crowned its winners despite the global Covid-19 pandemic.

The yearly beauty contest which was scheduled to be held at Sheraton North Houston Hotel, Houston, Texas on February 6, 2021 was streamed LIVE from Texas, United State of America due to Covid-19 and travel restrictions.

Miss Caribbean Coast Randeika Foulkes Cartwright has been crowned Miss Plus World 2021/2022, while Miss Malaysia Melissa Mohan Tyndall was awarded the title of Miss Plus World Humanitarian Ambassador 2021/2022.

As for the Ms division, Ms Plus America Wendy Roach was crowned Ms Plus Intercontinental 202/2022, whereas Ms. South Africa Dipolelo Hou emerged as the winner of Ms Plus Intercontinental Humanitarian Ambassador 2021/2022.

Besides winning the prestigious international title Miss Plus World 2021/2022, the 23-year-old Randeika who was born and raised in the Bahamas has also brought home 3 special awards – Best Costume, Covergirl, and Best Evening Gown.

When contacted by Malaysia World News, the full-time bank accountant Randeika said that it was not easy for her to win The Miss Plus World Pageant as she was competing with many “gorgeous women of equity from all around the world.”

 “All the international contestants were not only beautiful, but hardworking and dedicated to their platform Miss Plus World.

“I do not have any secrets surrounding my success in beauty pageants. I just work hard with my coach Miss Bahamas World 2015 Chantel O’ Brian, show the judges my authentic self and then allow God to do the rest.

“I am grateful that the judges were able to see all the dedication that I put in. I think that is what made me a worthy contender and someone deserving of the crown,” she added.

RandeikaRetouched 2 scaled
Randeika, the reigning Miss Plus World 2021-2022

Asked what the title she won would bring her, she said she is confident that her new title will help to open more doors for her in the modeling and pageant industry.

“One day I would like to have my own pageant and positively impact people through my community service involvement.

“As an international queen, I would like to be a beacon of hope for people around the world and help uplift people who have gone through both physical and emotional challenges,” she said.

Meanwhile, the reigning Ms Plus Intercontinental 2021-2022 Wendy, who is a published author and a regional director at a top 10 healthcare organization in the United States, told the media she “is feeling so blessed to be Miss Plus Intercontinental 2021 and part of such a wonderful pageant system that allows to showcase that women of equity matter and count.”

“We are confident, we are creative, we are intelligent, and we are world changers.”

Wendy believes that pageants should not be limited to just one specific size especially because our society represents different sizes.

“My goal is to educate woman to be great leaders regardless of background and diversity. This title will enable me to expand my reach further to more countries; more women that are creative leaders bringing peace and changing the world.”

2O3A0234delogo scaled
Wendy, the reigning Ms Plus Intercontinental 2021-2022 

Other SPECIAL AWARDS also went to:

Miss Congeniality – Joneisa Smith (Miss Plus World US Virgin Islands)

Photogenic – Evelyn Bailey (Miss Plus World America)

Best Interview in the Miss Division – Evelyn Bailey (Miss Plus World America)

Best Interview in the Ms. Division – Dipolelo Hou (Ms. Plus Intercontinental South Africa) and Tenelle Thomas (Ms. Plus Intercontinental Atlantic Coast)

Best Costume in the Ms. Division – Wendy Roach (Ms. Plus Intercontinental America)

People’s Choice – Edraniece Ferguson (Miss Plus World Bahamas Beauty) and Sharon Bennett (Ms. Plus Intercontinental U.S.)

The Miss Plus World and Ms Plus Intercontinental 2021/2022 winners walked with many prizes including  $3,000 cash prize (U.S. currency), official crown, official sash and scepter, official business cards, assorted gift cards, personal appearance dress, Coach New York gift, jewelry, shoes, and more.

As for each of Miss Plus World and Ms Plus Intercontinental Humanitarian Ambassadors 2021/2022, the prizes include: $200 cash prize awarded at the end of their reign, $500 donation to a charity of their choice, official custom crown, official custom sash, official custom presentation bouquet, official custom personal appearance dress, official custom commemorative award, official E.dele Jewelry selection, gift credit for one pair of shoe Dazzles Shoes,  one year Pageantry Magazine subscription, and shared accommodations at 2022 Miss Plus World/Ms. Plus Intercontinental Pageant.

The First Runner –Up, Second Runner-Up, and Third Runner-Up of each category have also brought home commemorative Awards.

The objectives of Miss Plus World are to increase interest in healthy lifestyle and public education on the importance of exercise, women empowerment, and generate a spirit of community involvement and volunteerism, according to its international Directors.

-Malaysia World News


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