Ministry to monitor real time supply of vegetable via system – Minister Mohamad Sabu

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KUALA LUMPUR FEB.4: The Farmers Organisation Authority (LPP) and the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (Fama) have been asked to take immediate actions to overcome the shortage of vegetables.

Agriculture and Food Security Minister, Datuk Seri Mohamed Sabu said, for the long term measure, the Ministry need to create a data system to get information in real time about the vegetable supply situation in the country.

“The real time information will be known on the kind of vegetables that are being grown, amount of production, production location, volume of imports and exports, amount of demand and cost of production,” Mohamed said in his Facebook post.

The Minister was responding on the reports on the shortage of vegetable supply such as long beans, lady fingers and brinjals on Saturday.
Through this system he said, the Ministry will estimate and make early preparation to face any possibilities.

“For example if we can estimate for three months the supply of cucumber that is in shortage, we can ask the agency to activate the growing of such vegetable starting from this week.

“I am confident many young people are capable to come up with such system. The Ministry has no objection to provide reasonable fund for those who develop this system for the good of the people,” Mohamed said. – Malaysia World News

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