Minister of Tourism: No restrictions should be imposed on Chinese tourists entering Malaysia’ s tourist sites

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in light of the deadly coronavirus outbreak, Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Mohamaddin Ketapi (photo) wants the Chinese tourists who are already in Malaysia to enjoy visiting the countries’ tourist sites and attractions without any restrictions. 

He has urged the government and the management of tourist sites to do not put any restrictions against the Chinese visitors from entering those tourist sites.

“Please don’t stop the healthy tourists. It is not good to do so. And, those who are healthy will not spread diseases,” he said after meeting with relevant stakeholders in the tourism sector and representatives from the Health Ministry today.

He added that a formal written request  will be sent to all the management of tourist sites to not impose any restrictions on such tourists.

“We will issue a letter informing them not to stop visitors from visiting their places.”

The Tourism ministry is targeting to bring 30 million tourists this year, inspite of the deadly virus outbreak, he insisted. 

“The target is still 30 million. It remains as it is,” he said.



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