Minister of Communications urges civil servants to embrace digital innovations

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KUALA LUMPUR: The Ministry of Communications urges civil servants to embrace digital innovations, transform and improve government administration, increase efficiency, productivity and sustainability.

Its Minister, Fahmi Fadzil said, by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate processes such as data entry, application processing, record management and storage, we can not only save time and resources but also reduce the likelihood of human error.

“Civil servants can enhance their digital competencies and agility and advance their careers by using their time to complete these tasks to upskill and retrain.

“To ensure the successful implementation of e-government initiatives, it is essential to cultivate digital competencies which will enable us to effectively deliver public services through digital channels.

“This will enable civil servants to respond to public needs more quickly, enhancing citizens’ satisfaction and ultimately leading to increased transparency compliance, reliability and accountability,” Fahmi said.

He said that in his speech at the launching of CelcomDigi’s Experience Centre at Subang Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Selangor, Tuesday.

Fahmi added, while AI and robotics promise to revolutionize our lives, we must harness their power in ways to complement and enhance our humanity rather than replacing it.

“To achieve this we must design intuitive, accessible and user friendly technology that seamlessly blend with human capabilities, feeling more like an extension of ourselves than a separate tool.

CelcomDigi’s Experience Centre is a vital step towards realizing the government’s mission of a digital and innovative Malaysia.

“It provides a platform to showcase our progress and inspire others to push the boundaries of what is possible.

“As a hub of innovation, it will foster partnerships and collaborations across industries, academia and government, catalyzing the growth of a thriving digital ecosystem,” Fahmi said.

Fahmi then calls the people to embark this journey together, utilizing 5G as a catalyst to bring the shared vission for Malaysia to life. -Malaysia World News


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