Minister Kor Ming received a threatening note from unknown individual

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KUALA LUMPUR: Minister of Housing and Local Government, Nga Kor Ming had received a threatening note from an unknown individual in Manjung, Perak,Thursday (7th March).

The threat was written as “Nga Kor Ming (Do not challenge Islam)” was found in front of the DAP leader’s house in Ayer Tawar around 7.30am.

According to Manjung District Chief Police, Assistant Commissioner Mohamed Nordin Abdullah, a report on the incident was lodged by Kor Ming’s mother aged 76.

Mohamed Nordin said, in the report, it was mentioned that Kor Ming’s mother saw many pieces of paper believed to have been written with bad intention words scattered in front of the house.

“Police are now tracking the individual involved while the cause of the incident has not been detected,” he said in a statement, Thursday.

He said, the case has been classified under Section 507 Penal Code for committing crime in a scary way via a communication without a name.

However, Mohamed Nordin requests members of the public not to spread any speculation on the incident for fear it will affect the investigation.

“Those who have any information about the incident can liaise with Investigation Officer of the case, Inspector Fariq Nazmi Mohd. Mustafa at 013-3317099 to assist in the investigation,” he said.

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