Minister Fahmi: Dr. Mahathir`s statements annoy members of the public

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PUTRAJAYA: Minister of Communications, Fahmi Fadzil describes the former prime minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad as an “attention seeker” as he will confuse the people whenever he releases statements.

Fahmi, who is also the spokesman of the Unity Government, says he is not sure from where Dr. Mahathir gets the information to the extent his statements would annoy members of the public.

The minister said Dr. Mahathir has always been given the space to release his statements as the government respects him because he has been twice the prime minister of the country.

“However the government cannot always entertain the former prime minister’s statements. In my opinion, we do not have to entertain him too much,” Fahmi said at a press conference after the Cabinet meeting here Wednesday.

Fahmi said that in response to Dr. Mahathir’s participation in an assembly where he alleged the people of this country have been under pressure and leading stressful lives.

In the same press conference, Fahmi mentioned the government is forming a technical committee regarding laws about online crime.

He said the committee will comprise of Ministry of Communications, Digital Ministry, and Legal Affairs Division under the Prime Minister’s Department.

“The Cabinet has agreed on the committee following the feedback on illegal activities such as sales of drugs, online gambling and distribution of porn videos,” he said.

Fahmi added the committee would study the existing laws and those in other countries that are suitable to be applied in Malaysia.

“This is to protect the people’s safety, especially children using the Internet,” he said.


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