Mindef explains and denies Rafidah’s allegations

Mindef Rafidah Ali land privatised

KUALA LUMPUR: The Ministry of Defence (Mindef) denied Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz’s allegation that a company represented by three persons control the Ministry’s implementation of projects following land swapping concept.

A statement issued by Mindef on Tuesday said the allegation that the ownership of the land in the Federal was used by Mindef or transferred to a company owned by three persons was not correct.

The statement added, generally, the Ministry has implemented developmental projects through several concepts including privatisation following the land swap. The appointments of companies are those that have followed the procedures fixed by the Public-Private Partnership Unit (UKAS). Every developmental project that was implemented by a different company does not have any link to each other.

“Principally, the Mindef projects’ implementation through land swap concept is a mechanism that has been used in the framework of the Public Private Partnership model that has been streamlined with UKAS.

“All developmental projects following privatisation through land swap concept that were implemented by Mindef had to be discussed by the Ministry’s Committee and UKAS Committee before they were forwarded to the Cabinet Ministers to get approval in principle. Once the principle approval was made, the developmental project’s proposal has to be approved by UKAS Committee that was chaired by the UKAS Director General and the Highest  Public Private Committee that was chaired by the Secretary-General.

The statement also mentioned this process will undergo various checks before it is brought forward to the cabinet ministers to check and approved its implementation.

“Mindef’s land that was involved with the land swapping concept could only be implemented once they get the agreement from the “end user” like the Malaysian Army, Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) and the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF).

“The consideration on the placement of military camps would take into account the strategic location, camp’s safety, the suitability of operational functions besides the safety of the people around. As such the camps have to be relocated to the areas that are more suitable. –Malaysia World News    

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