MH17 shot down in Ukraine in 2014: Malaysia will do its best to get a fair verdict

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PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia being a member of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), in the Malaysian Airlines MH17 that was shot down in Donetsk Territory, Ukraine on 17th July 2014 involving 43 Malaysians from 298 deaths hopes the judiciary process is carried out transparently in the effort to find the truth, justice and accountability.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs in its statement said, apart from remembering the victims of the plane that was shot down, Malaysia will continue to give its undivided commitments as a member of JIT.

“Malaysia records its appreciation to the JIT members for the strong spirit shown on the criminal investigation and proceeding on the suspects who have been charged for allegedly having played their roles in shooting down the MH17 aircraft.

“Consistently, Malaysia had urged and supported for an independent investigation on the criminals that had been charged by the National Dutch Prosecution,” the statement said.

The statement added, in remembering the victims and families of the incident, it is only through a wholly legal process that a fair and equitable verdict could be reached. However Malaysia is very satisfied with the current development of the case.

“All the efforts implemented so far are for the victims’ families and will do whatever possible to get justice from the tragic incident,” the statement said. –Malaysia World News

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