MCO imposed on six districts in Selangor effective 6th May, Aidilfitri prayers allowed nationwide

PUTRAJAYA MAY 5: The government has imposed the Movement Control Order (MCO) on six districts in Selangor including Petaling, Ulu Langat, Gombak, Klang, Kuala Langat and Sepang effective 6th until 17th May 2021 due to the spike in COVID-19 infections.

Senior and Defence Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, MCO is imposed on these districts for its high COVID-19 cases recorded from 20th April until 4th May 2021.

Ismail said, three districts namely Kuala Selangor, Sabak Bernam and Ulu Selangor will remain under the Conditional MCO (CMCO).

However, Ismail said, the standard operating procedure (SOP) will be the same as enforced in the five districts in Kedah and Kelantan where restaurants, food outlets including food kiosks and food stalls operate from 6am till 12 midnite while groceries, pharmacists and petrol kiosks operate from 6a.m until 10pm while the markets including weekly farm market will operate from 6am until 2pm.

Regarding the Aidilfitri prayers that is scheduled on 13th May 2021, Ismail said, the government has allowed it to be performed in localities under MCO, CMCO and Recovery MCO (RMCO) depending on each state religious authorities procedures. Localities under the Enhanced MCO (EMCO) are not allowed to have Aidilfitri prayers.

“Localities under MCO and EMCO are not allowed to have “food party” after the Aidilfitri prayers while it is only permitted in places under RMCO and CMCO.

“Places under MCO are allowed to receive 15 guests at any one time only on the first day of Syawal with physical distancing to be adhered to, while places under RMCO with 25 guests and CMCO with 20 visitors allowed from the first untill third day of Syawal,” Ismail said at the press conference held here today.

The Senior Minister also stressed that to prevent the spreading of COVID-19, the hosts of Aidilfitri are encouraged to have the body temperature apparatus, using the QR Code MySejahtera or providing a book to record guests’ personal particulars.

However he said, visiting the cemeteries is only allowed for the people under CMCO and RMCO places with six people on each slot within 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, he said, the people in places under MCO and EMCO are not allowed to visit the cemetery while the people under EMCO localities could celebrate Aidilfitri only within the family members in the same house. They are also not allowed to go out of their houses and visit others.

Ismail added, “Aidilfitri Open House” is not permitted throughout the month of Syawal. –Malaysia World News




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