MCO has to continue until Covid-19 is completely under control, says PM


Prime Minister Muhyddin Yassin said the battle against coronavirus is “not won yet.” And therefore, the movement control order (MCO)`s restrictions will have to continue for another few weeks until the COVID-19 pandemic is completely contained.

Total number of confirmed cases in Malaysia as of Friday morning is 5,603, while the recovered cases are 3,542. Also the number of daily recorded cases is reducing.

“Although the numbers show positive results, the measures that we have been taking have to continue until a time when we are confident that the COVID-19 pandemic is completely under control,” said Mr Muhyiddin in a televised address yesterday.

The prime minister also said that the MCO might be extended further, for more weeks. However the MCO restrictions would be relaxed if the number of cases keeps decreasing.

“If COVID-19 cases continue to register significant decrease, the government might ease the movement control, in stages in a few sectors,” he said.

Muhyddin Yassin announced that the Movement Control Order (MCO) will be extended for another two weeks until May 12.

MCO was imposed since March 18 and it was extended for 4 times.

The Prime minister described the sacrifices that Malaysians are taking in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic as “Jihad” or “holy struggle.”

This fourth MCO measures are less strict than the previous ones, as the latter allows certain businesses in selected sectors to resume operations. It also allows students in the institutions of higher learning and colleges to go back to their home towns and be with their families during the holy month of Ramadan.-Malaysia World news




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