MCMC requested Facebook, Twitter, YouTube to remove the advertisement inviting Muslims to gamble online


CYBERJAYA APR.16: The Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has communicated with the media platform provider including  Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to remove the content of an advertisement inviting Muslims to gamble to earn money for Aidilfitri that has gone viral in the social media.

MCMC in its statement said, they have requested the content of the advertisement to be removed following the service terms and the community standards that has been fixed by the platform provider that operates from overseas.

“Simultaneously, the party involved such as the production side and the actors should be aware not to collaborate with the activities that promote gambling online which is obviously an offence.

“The production of the content is subjected to the Communication and Multimedia Content Code and those involved in the production and distribution should adhere to it. Amidst the freedom to produce the content, the provider should comply with the content code that should be suitable to the norms of the multi-racial society in Malaysia,” said the statement.

The statement added, the social media users should be more responsible by lodging a report on such matter direct to the authorities for follow-up action instead of spreading the content further.

“The distribution of the content is indirectly helping the party involved to spread and promote widely the propaganda of gambling online that could have negative impact on the Malaysian society,” said the statement.

MCMC also stresses that the gambling activity online is subjected to the Open House Gambling Act 1953, under the authority of the Royal Police Malaysia (PDRM).

Since 12th March 2021 MCMC has implemented its fast track path sanctioning operation action by giving the authority to PDRM to instruct the Internet provider to sanction the accessibility to the website that has breached the laws under the same Act. –Malaysia World News

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