MB Terengganu apologised for going abroad when the state hit by serious floods

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KUALA LUMPUR: Menteri Besar Terengganu, Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar has apologised for not being able to be with the people when the state was hit by serious floods from last Sunday.

He said, he went abroad after noticing a decrease in the number of flood victims in the first phase of the North East Monsoon between last Friday and Saturday.

“Whatever reason I give now is not useful any more so please apologise me. Insya Allah I will try to do better.

“I have followed closely the flood situation all the time and I have made the decision to go abroad when there was a sign of the flood situation getting better.

Unfortunately the flood was at its peak on 18 December when I was already out of the country,” he said at a press conference via his Facebook, Friday (23 Dec.)

However he said, he was disappointed for not being able to be with the people when the flood was at its peak from 18-21 Dec.2022. Earlier in the first phase from 8-17 Dec. 2022 he was with his team and there were 324 victims.

The MB added, there were 659 victims on 12 Dec. and dropped to 17 people at 23 temporary transfer centres (PPS).

Ahmad Samsuri then announced three incentives namely, Special Aid (Bantuan Khas) amounting RM1, 000 for the head of the household who have registered as victim of the flood; secondly RM10, 000 for any member of the family missing due to the flood and thirdly payment for the house repairs and infrastructures that will be contributed by the state government and agencies from the Federal Government besides corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Regarding the flood mitigation projects in Terengganu, Ahmad Samsuri said, almost all the projects are handled by the Ministry of Works after receiving feedbacks from the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) and the state assemblymen.

“Some projects have been approved and waiting for the budget. Some works have been fastened with the help of the state government.

However, for these projects there is a Special Fund from the Federal Government,” said Ahmad Samsuri.
The Menteri Besar stressed that the state government has Tabung Darul Iman where contributors and donators who wish to help with the flood mitigation projects could go through this channel. –Malaysia World News

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