Masscomm Alumni: How to meet the new challenges in today`s media industry

The Dean of FCMS,  Azizul (fifth left),  Datuk Abdul Jalil Hamid, President of the UiTM Masscomm Alumni Association (center) , and lecturers  from FCMS, UiTM.

SHAH ALAM: Graduates from the communication and media discipline have to be equipped with the latest knowledge, technical know-how and exposures in order to secure jobs in the relevant fields today.

The Faculty of Communication and Media Studies (FCMS), University Technology Mara (UiTM) Dean, Prof.Dr. Azizul Halim Yahya said, as technology in communication field is changing all the time, the faculty has to make quick changes and introduce new programmes in order to meet the demands of the industry.

“The situation 40 years ago is entirely different from what you see today and as such a lot of new subjects and co curriculum have to be introduced for graduates’ employability,” he said at the Masscomm Alumni Committee Meeting with the management staffs of FCMS here yesterday.

To stay abreast with the communication technology changes, Azizul said, the faculty has taken in the first batch of students last September for the Bachelor Degree in Communication and New Media.

“This new programme will provide a platform for them to stay competent in the communication and media industry,” he said.

Forty people present at the meeting including professional and successful alumni gave important inputs on how to enhance students’ creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The alumni also gave some suggestions of how the faculty can generate income to accommodate students’ activities and developmental programmes following the budget cut by the government since few years ago.

The alumni also brought up problems raised by the industry players regarding some graduates from UiTM in general, who are unable to communicate well in English.

According to Azizul, this problem is not only faced by UiTM graduates but also from other universities as well.

However he said, as far as the faculty is concerned much effort has been made to enhance students’ communication skill.

  Many changes have been made to maintain its prestige in producing the best communicators and media practitioners in the industry since the establishment of the Faculty in 1972.

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