Many Malay students learning Chinese calligraphy

malay students skillful at chinese calligraphy
Arisya Khadya and Idora Chinta participating in Chinese Calligraphy Art Competition held at YPC International College on Thursday 6th February

Many Malay students are learning Chinese calligraphy at local Chinese schools. 

This morning Malaysia World News met two Malay Muslim students who drew our attention for their brilliant humor, they master Chinese calligraphy and Chinese (Mandarin) language.

The meeting took place at a Chinese calligraphy art competition that was held at YPC International College on Thursday 6th February from 9.30am-3.30pm.

malay students calligraphy

 “We have started learning Chinese calligraphy and the Chinese language since childhood, pre-primary school,” the young girls (pic) said.

The two Malay girls, Arisya Khadya,16, and Idora Chinta,16 are currently studying at SMK Puteri Wilayah, a Chinese secondary school.

“I love learning languages ​​and my parents always encouraged me to do so.

“I want to work in China when I complete my studies.

“For me, Chinese calligraphy is fun and helps me learn the language quite easily,” Idora told Malaysia World News.

calligraphy ypc students
Students from YPC also participated in the competition

Their Physics and Arts teacher, Roziatul Akmal Hasan also commented that many Malay students are learning Chinese calligraphy and language at Chinese schools here.

“For Malay Muslims, there is no problem to learn other foreign languages and arts.

“We like to learn something new to expand our knowledge.

YPC Chinese calligraphy art competition

“Learning another language like the Chinese language does not mean you will convert to other religions.

“Our Malay students may like to do business in China or with Chinese in the future, so they have to learn their language, art, and culture for effective communication, “she said.

The event was organized by YPC Chinese Cultural Society students. 10 Secondary schools participated in this competition, among them were SMK Puteri Wilayah, SMK Cochrane, SMK Dato Onn, SMK Tasek Permai, SMK Maxwell, and SMK Bandar Sungai Long.

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