Mandla Mandela calls for boycott of Miss Universe competition in Israel, praises Miss Universe Malaysia for withdrawing from the event

Lalela Mswane the winner of Miss South Africa 2021 has been urged to boycott the event
Lalela Mswane, the winner of Miss South Africa 2021 (Instagram)

Mandla Mandela, the grandson of the former President of South Africa, has urged Miss South Africa winners and all the people to boycott the Miss Universe event that is due to be held in Israel in December of this year, citing Miss Universe Malaysia and Miss Indonesia who withdrew from the event in a protest  against the Israeli`s occupation and cruel treatment of Palestinians. 

‘We must not support or legitimise the victimisation of our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

“There is nothing beautiful about occupation, brutality and institutionalised discrimination against the Palestinian people,” Mandla Mandela said in a statement earlier this week.

Lalela Mswane, 24, was crowned Miss South Africa 2021 on Saturday, at the Grand Arena in Cape Town. 

 “Apartheid Israel’s occupation is no less despicable than apartheid South Africa. The world responded to our call to stand in global solidarity against the apartheid regime. Now we reiterate our call to boycott, divest and pass sanctions campaigns against apartheid Israel,” he said in a post on his Instagram. 


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Mandela praised Miss Universe Malaysia and Miss Indonesia for withdrawing from the event, calling it a heroic and brave stance.

“We salute Miss Malaysia and Miss Indonesia for their heroic and brave stance and call on all other participants to follow suit. Daily Apartheid Israel violates the fundamental human rights of the Palestinian people and commits crimes against humanity.

“We call on current and past Miss South Africa’s to stand in solidarity with us and boycott the Miss Universe pageant. The brutal punishment and harassment meted out to Palestinians on a daily basis is horrific, detestable and a crime against humanity that must be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court (ICC),” he said.

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