Man wants to suicide after discovering his wife loves having sex with women

AFL star Jaryd Cachia revealed he was contemplating suicide after discovering his wife Mummy blogger Sophie Cachia was having sex with women the last months before they divorced, The Mail Online reported. 

According to the news portal, Jaryd ,30, Jaryd said Sophie’s decision to end their marriage came as a shock to him.

‘Soph knew I was struggling, but I never told her how bad it got – that it got to the point where I thought about taking my own life.

‘It was always the thought of my kids that kept me going, because I love being a dad so much. But the hatred I had for myself when I looked in the mirror. I couldn’t stand the person I saw looking back at me,’ he wrote on a post.

Sophie told FEMAIL she was shocked to find out he had been struggling so much while she was enjoying one of the happiest periods of her life.

‘She’d have her girlfriends from footy over more and more, and some nights when I’d get home from work, I felt like I wasn’t wanted in my own home,’ Jaryd said.

The couple were faced with rumours following their split and cruel comments on social media.


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