Malaysia’s COVID surge puzzles the government, Malaysians tired of MCO

whuy malaysia not care about covid
Veteran people in an event held by Mindef recently during Ramadan

The virus is spreading faster than ever before in Malaysia despite a lot of precautions, warnings, MCOs, and SOPs.

Today alone, the Malaysian Health Ministry announced another 39 more people died of the virus and 4,765 others infected – the highest ever number since the pandemic invaded this country.

The question is: “Why is this happening” in this dear country?

On 5th May 2021, before Malaysian government imposed nationwide MCO, I went to one of the most popular big shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur to have Iftar (Ramadan breakfast) with 2 friends who are also colleagues.

I reached there around 5.30pm. The parking was full of cars. It took me around half of an hour to find a free place for my car.

I met my colleagues on time at 6pm and we headed to the food court downstairs for breakfast.

Upon arriving, we were all shocked the place was so crowded with people and all tables were already booked in all the restaurants there including Nando’s and Chili`s. Unbelievable non-Muslim and Muslim families and friends were sitting there occupying all tables since 6pm waiting for breakfasting at 7:20pm.

We tried to enter many other restaurants but we were stopped at the door and told all the seemed to be empty tables were already reserved. Thus, we decided to have breakfast in another place, though the price was so expensive like “RM50 per person”. They said it was “Ramadan Promotion!”.

Again, at breakfast time we had to follow a long queue to take our Ayam Briyani order.

My colleagues were asking, “why all Malaysians like to go out at once to restaurants and doing things like normal at this time, aren`t we having Covid pandemic?

Yes, they were all wearing face masks at first, but when eating started all of them took of their facemasks, and social distancing not applied during yummy food time!

By reading the above story, I am sure you have already shaped an idea to why Covid-19 is on the rise in Malaysia. But let me explain to you more what s going on.

“People are already tired of staying home, working from home, washing their hands many times a day, and being reminded of SOP all the day and night.

 “They want to go back to normal life, get back to work and go and enjoy time with their friends, they want that,” my colleague who is an engineer replied.


When the government lifts MCO people think they are back to normal life!

When the movement control order (MCO) was lifted and businesses re-opened, it was the opportunity for these bored people to go out. Unfortunately, most of them did not want to take responsibility and follow the SOP instructions.

As a result, you could notice all restaurants in Malaysia became so crowded than ever with people from all walks of life, especially at night. The worse, most of them do not care about scanning their temperature or register with MySejahtera. Among those people were the two former Prime Ministers of Malaysia Dr Mahathir and Najib Razak who should be an example for the nation and young generations, besides so many other ministers and celebrities got caught not following the SOP order.

Moreover, there are many other politicians who are pressuring the government to reopen the parliament and stadiums, and allow all businesses and all kind of sports and recreations to resume. 

Some are also calling for the 15th general election! 

Is it good time now for elections, events, gathering, and sports!!!?

Why nobody seems to be caring or at least be aware of this dangerous virus and its consequences on peoples health and livelihood?

When did Malaysian wake up?

Until they heard news that thousands of people are dying in India due to lack of beds and oxygens that our politicians and people yet to wake up!

I was so scared at one time last month when I saw one mamak restaurant so crowded of young people, all not wearing masks and sitting so close to each other, more than 6 young people in a table, and no social distance. I had to leave that restaurant immediately as it was so crowded, noisy, and people scary.

But what is the psychology behind why many people here don’t care about COVID-19 or SOP.

A a psychologist at Horry-Georgetown Technical College identified two main reasons why people are getting tired of taking precautions and do not care much: 1) Confirmation Bias and 2) Compassion Fatigue.

Meredith Matson, a psychology professor, was quoted by abc Columbia as saying `compassion fatigue is when people get tired of caring about something. Months and months of following guidelines or instructions can become too much for some people.

“Having to think about, ‘do I have my face mask, have I sanitized my hands? Should I wipe my groceries down now or not?’ That’s really overwhelming and people get exhausted by it,” Matson said.

Confirmation bias is when you choose to view things in a way that confirms what you want to be true.

She said some people might take the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions and reopening of beaches and businesses as a signal that everything is okay.

“If we believe or want to believe that the virus and the immediate threat is over, we’re going to seek out confirmation for that, and it’s very easy to do that when everything is open and people are living their lives,” she said. – Malaysia World News

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