Malaysia’s covid-19 cases rise to 1,183 infections, 8 death

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Police at the roadblock at Jalan Bukit Bintang , Kuala Lumpur ( Sunday, March 22). Photo: Malaysia World News. 

Malaysia health ministry announced on Saturday that the number of confirmed coronavirus cases had risen to 1,183, and total death toll is 8.

Initial investigations into the source of infection show that more than half of these cases are linked to the Sri Petaling Mosque tabligh convention cluster that took place in Seri Petaling mosque recently.

The organiser of the tabligh event which has reportedly contributed to five deaths from Covid-19 so far claimed there were around 12,500 attendees,  while the government estimated 16,000. 

He also claimed that there were around 1,600 foreigners, 100 per cent” of them have gone back to their respective countries.

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Photo: Malaysia World News

“So far more than 500 of the tabligh cluster tested positive and they contributed more than half of Malaysia total infections. From this trend I postulate that the major contributor is from the tabligh sector and from reports there are more than 10k plus attendees at this event and not all are identified yet,” said Associate Professor Dr. Azmi Hassan, Geostrategist from University Technology Malaysia (UTM).

He was replying to a question posed by Malaysia World News (MWN) reporter on ‘why Malaysia now has the highest number of infections in South East Asia.

‘There is no idea who is the super spreader. The tabligh event was held on Feb 28 and at that time Malaysians already felt nervous about being in crowded places, Azmi added. 

Asked if the previous government Pakatan Harapan which was ousted recently or the current government of Perikatan Nasional were also to be blamed for having been too slow to take serious measures against covid-19 outbreak earlier,  Azmin said : “Looking back, the government should have put the order against large gathering long time ago ( since the revelation of the pandemic).

“Australia now is also making similar mistakes where large gathering of no more than 500 is allowed. If 500 is the benchmark number, then there should not be any limit at all,” he said. 

In view with the rapid spike in covid-19 outbreak,  Malaysia’s Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin on Monday announced the enforcement of the  Movement Control Order (MCO) effective from Wednesday  March18 to March 31 to limit people’s movements and activities as part of the government’s measures to contain the coronavirus. 

Under MCO,  the government stopped international and domestic travel, closed mosques, cafes, bars,  cinemas,  schools,  factories,  and offices,  except shops and supermarkets selling food and essentials are still allowed to operate. All public and private events and gatherings have also been banned. 

All Malaysians,  employees and students are asked to stay at home, except medical staff, police,  soldiers and other front liners. 

Under MCO rules,  only one person in each family is allowed to go out to buy necessary needs. 

If anyone found defying the order he or she would be fined RM1,000 or jailed up to 6 months.  – Malaysia World News

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