Malaysia`s coronavirus lockdown (MCO) extended for another two weeks

residential buildings got viris corona

PUTRAJAYA April 10: Malaysia has extended the Movement Control Order (MCO) for another two weeks from April 15 until April 28, in an attempt to curb COVID-19 from spreading.

Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin said, the decision to extend MCO  is in line with the World Health Organization (WHO) directive.

He said, the experiences faced by other countries that had lifted the lockdown period at an early stage was the spreading of COVID-19 again among the people.

“We must be prepared to be in this situation for several months and longer period until the pandemic is reduced by 100%,” he said when announcing the extension of MCO in a special speech here this afternoon. 

The Prime Minister also said, in response to the parents’ worrisome about their children’s safety while studying in the school, the government has launched the home based learning until the school is opened officially.

In another development, Muhyiddin said, during the extension of the MCO, several selected economic sectors are allowed to commence their businesses in stages.

“The permission to start business for those sectors does not mean the MCO is less strict.

“The government will take back the permission to operate if they (business sectors) are found not complying with MCO,” warned Muhyiddin.- Malaysia World News


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