Malaysians to celebrate CNY at home, sports activities allowed with strict SOP effective Feb 12


KUALA LUMPUR FEB.11: For the first time Chinese New Year (CNY) in Malaysia will be celebrated in the new norms atmosphere as the whole world is now combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Senior and Defence Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, he appreciated the netizens especially from the Chinese community that left messages informing that they would celebrate the Chinese New Year at their houses to avoid the transmission of COVID-19.

“The netizens in their messages wrote that they will not go back to their hometowns to bring along the virus and infect the high risk groups including parents, grandfathers and grandmothers.

“As such I hope the people will adhere to the standard operating procedures (SOP), have self control, physical distancing and wear mask to avoid the transmission of the virus.

“Like any other celebrations before, the police will monitor strictly the SOP compliance including in the residential and neighbouring areas. I hope everybody will adhere to the SOP to avoid any action taken on them by the police,” Ismail said in his press conference held here today.

On another development, Ismail said Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) had been imposed in Bandar Raub Perdana, Raub Pahang effective 12th until 25th February 2021.

Ismail added, the Ministry of Health (MOH) confirmed that 75 individuals had been detected as close contacts with the positive COVID-19 cases. MOH had taken 40 PCR samples and out of which 35 were negative while five were still waiting for the results. Target screening on the remaining close contacts are still being carried out.

According to Ismail, the government had also agreed to allow the Driving Institute and the Flight Training Centre to operate with strict SOP effective 12th February 2021.

Ismail said, for the Driving Institute the directive includes driving training services, Drivers Education Curriculum (KPP) 01, 02 and 03, pre-test driving services (QTI), theory test services and practical (circuit and road).The operating time will be from 7.30am till 8.30pm.

Meanwhile, the directives of the Flight Training Centre will involve administration at the Approved Training Organization (ATO) including 1) Type Rating Training Organization (TRTO) 2) Flying Training Organization (FTO) and 3) Flying Club –Instruction in Flying (FC-IIF).

“Repeated training administration that is mandatory to facilitate the civil flight operation is permitted for pilots, flight engineers, air traffic controllers, cabin crews, security staffs and dangerous element managers,” said Ismail.

The details of the SOPs could be referred to the websites of the Ministry of Transport and National Security Council (NSC).

In addition Ismail said the government had decided to allow the fishing pond, house boat, fishing rig (kelong) raft house and boat/fishing vessel to operate based on the strict SOP effective tomorrow (12th February 2021).

Earlier he said, the government had allowed the fishing activities for livelihood purposes but other related industries had made appeals as they had also lost their incomes during the MCO.

The SOP details could be referred to the website of the Fishery Department and National Security Council (NSC).

Meanwhile in the sports activities, the government had also agreed to allow individual sports that does not involve” touching” for the purpose of body fitness, individual health care and self skill elevation and the continuity of the national sports industry.

After studying the risk valuation with various agencies and Technical Committee of NSC, the government had agreed to allow jogging/brisk walking, cycling and exercises limited to two persons in the neighbouring areas only.

The other sports activities permitted include tennis/badminton, table tennis in the single event only, motoring (two and four wheels), football, basketball, hockey and sepak takraw that could only be done on the skill training basis (no “touching” activities), gymnasium and golf effective 12th February.

The details of the SOP could be referred to the website of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and NSC.

The SOP compliance will also be monitored by voluntary team-Rakan Muda Sports Bubble Volunteers that was formed with the initiative of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. – Malaysia World News

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