Malaysians support Ismail Sabri to be the 9th Prime Minister

ismail sabri

All eyes are now on the former deputy Prime Minister Ismail Sabri after news confirmed that he has secured a majority support of the Members of the Parliament (MPs).

Reports said, 114 MPs from Umno, BN, Bersatu, Pas, GPS, and some independent parties have thrown support for Ismail Sabri as their candidate to become Malaysia’s next prime minister.

All of them have been summoned to Istana Negara (the palace) today to meet the King Al-Sultan Abdullah and verify and confirm their choice.

The King has decreed that the next prime minister’s majority must be tested in parliament via a vote of confidence, according to a statement from the palace.

Ismail Sabri, 61, was the deputy prime minister and defence minister in the administration of Muhyiddin Yassin who resigned on Monday after having lost majority in the Dewan Rakyat due to 13 Umno MPs withdrew support for him on August 3.

Opposition parties, meanwhile, have chosen Anwar Ibrahim as their preferred candidate for the Prime Minister post.

The king, a constitutional monarch, met party leaders on Tuesday and advised them to cho0se their leader, end ‘old politics’ and focus on the development of the country.”

Yesterday, Wednesday (August 18), all the 222 members of parliament have submitted the name of the candidate they support as the next Prime Minister.

Today, Ismail Sabri has emerged as the one with the highest number. With 114 MPs supporting him he can prove he has the simple majority to become the next Prime Minister and form a new government.

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