Malaysians coming back from abroad to be quarantined 14 days in special centres

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PUTRAJAYA MAR 31: All Malaysians coming back from abroad via commercial flights, by land and sea will undergo 14 days quarantine in special centres provided by the government effective April 3 to curb the widespread of COVID-19 infections.

Defence and Senior Minister (Security Cluster), Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, at the centre they will undergo health screening test to ascertain their health status according to the Ministry of Health standard operating procedures (SOP).

“Such decision was made in view of Wuhan, China’s situation where many people were infected with COVID-19 positive after they came back from overseas.

“The COVID-19 infections broke again in Wuhan due to the influx of people coming back from overseas,” said Ismail after attending the ministers meeting that was also attended by State Chief Ministers.

Regarding the Movement Control Order (MCO) compliance, Ismail said 165 individuals were charged in the courts yesterday (Monday) with six of them were fined or jailed. In Sarawak non-compliance offenders were jailed for one up to 4 months.

Ismail also highlighted that yesterday 742 individuals were detained in road blocks and spot checks compared to 828 a day before. He hoped the reducing trend will continue as this is a reflection of the people complying the MCO.

According to Ismail, the police/army have conducted 1,547 road blocks, checked 383,488 vehicles and made 22,586 spot checks across the country.

Regarding the MCO offenders who were brought to the police stations, Ismail said, they will either be compounded or under police bail or investigation papers have been handed to the Attorney General (AG) Office.

“To create a crowd at the police station is prohibited as social distancing is under the MCO ruling,” said Ismail to a question on the people detained might create a new cluster of COVID-19 positive.

The Senior Minister also said the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) will use its assets to deliver basic foods to the people living in remote areas in Sabah and Sarawak during the MCO that has been extended until April 14.

Ismail added, social distancing was difficult at the wet markets that are congested in many places. This happens because the people had limited place to buy their daily needs.

“To avoid congestion in the wet markets, the government has decided to set up the Centre for Selling Controlled Fresh Commodities in 97 locations throughout the country by the Federal Agriculture and Marketing Authority (FAMA).

The centres selected include 10 agriculture market, 33 permanent agriculture markets, 17 FAMA Operation Centre, 3 MyFarm Outlets, 34 local Association of Farmers’ Complex and other related agencies and departments.

“In view of the COVID-19 effects on the small businesses in the Rest and Recreation (RNR) places, the management of the PLUS Highway, ANIH, LATAR, MEX, PROLINTAS, KESAS, Grand Saga and Grand Sepadu have agreed to exempt the business premises from rental payments for six months,” Said Ismail -Malaysia World News

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