Malaysian woman rejects Chinese Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine, worried she might not be allowed to enter Europe if she takes it

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News reports saying that the EU is not allowing those who get vaccinated with the Chinese Covid-19 vaccine to enter European countries have put an alarm for many Malaysians, especially those who are planning to go abroad for holiday or other matters.

A Malaysian woman, who does not want to mention her name here, has today rejected the offer to get her inoculation shot after she was informed at the registration counter that it was the Sinovac vaccine.

She arrived at the vaccination center in Setia City Convention Centre at 3.00pm. Her appointment was at 3.30pm.

“I have checked with the registration department. They confirmed Sinovac.

“I asked.. can you guarantee that I can enter Europe with Sinovac vaccine passport? 

“He (the officer at the counter) smiled and said “please cancel the appointment Madam. You are very smart and making all the necessary check up on the needs,” she told Malaysia World news

The woman registered for the vaccine on the 24 February 2021 via MySejahtera and they confirmed her appointment on 7 June.

Asked if she did get another appointment with the vaccine brand that she wants, she said she was asked to re-register again and wait, but not sure she can get what she wants.

On 8 June, The Star reported that several senior citizens who turned up for their vaccination appointments at the Setia City Convention Centre here didn’t want the vaccine offered to them.

They wanted others brands, says the spokesman of the vaccination dispensing centre (PPV) management.

However, The Star did not tell what is actually the reason why these people do not want the Chinese vaccine offered to them.

“We have a few people who came and refused to take the jab.

“We were shocked because they had signed up and were given their slots,” he said.

Recently there have been many reports saying that the Europen Union (EU) has decided to not allow those vaccinated with any Chinese vaccines enter the European Countries.

The EU has also excluded people from Malaysia, India, Indonesia and many SouthEast Asian countries from visiting Europe this summer holiday.

Only people from Japan, Singapore and South Korea are allowed, whether they are vaccinated or not.

World Health Organization (WHO) has on June 1, 2021  validated the Sinovac-CoronaVac COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use, giving countries, funders, procuring agencies and communities the assurance that it meets international standards for safety, efficacy and manufacturing.

The vaccine is produced by the Beijing-based pharmaceutical company Sinovac.

“The world desperately needs multiple COVID-19 vaccines to address the huge access inequity across the globe,” said Dr Mariângela Simão, WHO Assistant-Director General for Access to Health Products. – Malaysia World News


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