Malaysian teacher accused of biting his students on the lips, nose is under investigation: Deputy Minister


BUTTERWORTH: The Education Ministry is investigating a strange case in which a male teacher has been allegedly biting his students on the lips, nose, and ears at a Kelantan school.

It was reported that the incident, which went viral on social media on Sunday (July 9), has resulted in trauma and emotional distress among the kids. 

A mother of one of the victims said her son was now terrified to go to school; he claimed he was often bitten by the male teacher.

Her six-year-old son claimed his teacher had been biting him on the mouth, ears, and nose, she said, adding that her son “is not the only victim, but several other students were also bitten.”

The matter came to light when the kid was reluctant to go to school.

When the mother asked him why he was afraid to go to school, he said: ” My teacher would always bite and pull on my lips with his teeth.

“He has yellow teeth and black (dark) lips, I’m nauseated.
“Sometimes, he even bites my ears and nose too. Today, he bit my lips and nose,” the kid revealed.

According to local media, Education Ministry Deputy Minister Lim Hui Ying today confirmed that the ministry took the allegations seriously and would take appropriate action if the incident proved to be true.

“The ministry has identified the post uploaded on Facebook alleging the incident. The incident should not have occurred. We are investigating further and will take appropriate action.

“I would like to stress that the ministry will never compromise on such issues,” The Star quoted her as saying at an event on Monday (July 10).


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