Malaysian students in Russia are safe, says Minister

students in russia

PUTRAJAYA MAR.6: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) reaffirms that the Embassy of Malaysia in Moscow has been monitoring closely the safety and wellbeing of Malaysians, majority are students in different cities or localities throughout the Russian Federation.

The Ministry said, the Embassy has been in contact with them directly through students’ representatives and their universities in order to provide them with consular assistance if required.

“Based on the Embassy’s record, there are currently 861 Malaysians in the Russian Federation, comprising 784 students and 33 expatriates. The Embassy itself has 44 home-based staff comprising diplomatic and technical staff and their dependents.

“In view of the difficulties faced with regard to banking and financial transactions, the Embassy has on 6th March issued a specific advisory concerning the disruption of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) services from Malaysia to students’ bank accounts with certain banks in the Russian Federation,” the Ministry said in a statement here today.

The statement added, the Ministry advises Malaysian students still facing such EFT disruption or in need of consular assistance to contact the Embassy through its dedicated email and hotlines (+79067461333/ +79651222746/ +79035666101/ +79035048666).

“The Ministry also wishes to advise all Malaysians in the Russian Federation who have yet to register with the Embassy to do so at the earliest opportunity. The Ministry wishes to refer to a 45-second video clip that has been circulating, allegedly posted by a group of Malaysian students still trapped in one locality in Ukraine.

“Based on inquiries and verification efforts undertaken thus far, the said video does not belong to a group of Malaysian students as alleged. The Ministry urges any other Malaysian/s still remaining in Ukraine and requiring consular assistance to contact the Embassy of Malaysia in Warsaw, Poland through the Embassy’s email and hotlines +48223759930/ +48226174413 and 24-hour line +48660627360,” the statement reiterated.

The Ministry may also be contacted for purpose of accessing consular assistance through email (, and and/or telephone numbers (+603 8887 4530/ (+603 8887 4676) during office hours and (+603 8887 4570) after office. –Malaysia World News

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