Malaysian produced and revealed a 4×4 High Mobility Armoured Vehicle (HMAV)

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Malaysian defence contractor MILDEF has revealed a 4×4 High Mobility Armoured Vehicle (HMAV),  produced by MILDEF International Technologies Sdn Bhd at a cost of RM16 million.

The HMAV is capable of withstanding 7.62 mm armour piercing rounds from 30 meters as well as impact energy from 6 kg of explosives, such as mines, at any wheel location or under the centre of the vehicle. Additionally, the HMAV is also resistant against strikes from kinetic energy, artillery, and IED (improvised explosive device) blasts, typical threats in an urban warfare environment.

This is the country’s first-ever locally-built armoured vehicle – 100 per cent Malaysian-made.

Defence Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob who officiated the launching of the Tarantula HMAV 4×4 yesterday said that experts in Malaysia “are capable of producing our own arms so that we do not have to depend on foreign countries for military equipment.”

′′ I am very proud of MILDEF’s success in building those armored cars while proving to industrial players worldwide the capacity and skills of local companies .”

 Sabri also pointed that the the technology utilized in the vehicle qualifies it to enter the international market.

 ” MILDEF International Technologies can produce 40 Tarantulas a year if there is demand,” he said during the media conference after launching the Tarantula HMAV 4×4 at Wisma Perwira Tentera Darat, Kem Sungai Besi.

Present at the Tarantula HMAV 4 x4 naming ceremony and the launch of the official logo of the vehicle were also General Tan Sri Dato ‘ Sri Haji Affendi bin Buang TUDM, Commander of the Armed Forces, YBhg. Dato ‘ Sri Muez bin Abdul Aziz, Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Defense, Commander-in-Chief of Service, General Tan Sri Raja Mohamed Affandi bin Raja Mohamed Noor (B), MILDEF International Technologies Advisor and also Datuk Sri Mohd Nizam Kasa, Chief Executive Officer of MILDEF International Technologies ..

 The vehicle has passed numerous assessments including road durability, fuel consumption, load tests and climbing tests and it was found at par with international military standards, according to Ismail Sabri – Malaysia World News



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