Malaysian popular singer Siti Sarah dies from Covid-19 few days after giving birth via surgery

Malaysian singer Siti Sarah Raisuddin
Siti Sarah- Image Source: Instagram 

Malaysian popular singer, Siti Sarah Raisuddin, who was eight-month pregnant, has died at the age of 36 from Covid-19 on Monday (Aug 9) at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre three days after giving birth to a baby boy via surgery.

Her death has shocked her fans, fellow artistes and the whole nation which is suffering its worse surge in Covid-19 infections.

She was eight months pregnant with her fourth child when she was admitted to hospital.

Her comedian husband Shahmira Muhammad, better known as Shuib Sepahtu, shared the news yesterday on Instagram.

Siti Sarah, her husband and three children were confirmed to have Covid-19 positive on July 25 after undergoing screening tests.

Reports said they contacted the virus from their maid who tested  positive few days earlier.

The Malaysian king and queen have given their condolences to her family.

“Their Majesties also expressed their sadness over her passing and hoped that her family will be patient and resilient as they cope with the loss,” the palace wrote said in a Facebook post. 

The baby, named Ayash Affan, was saved via a three-hour surgery on Aug 6.

“It’s just that it will be really challenging for me to break the news to my three kids on the death of their mother,” Shuib Sepahtu told local reporters. 

Siti Sarah had shared videos on her Instagram account with her children crying after getting Covid tests.

Malaysia is currently going through its worst wave of Covid-19. On Monday, Malaysia recorded 17,236 Covid infections, and 212 deaths, bringing the country’s Covid death toll to 10,961.

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