Malaysian Navy detained 9 illegal immigrants for trespassing South Johor waters

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KUALA LUMPUR: Nine illegal immigrants (PATI) including eight males and one female aged between 20 till 40 believed to be Indonesians were detained by the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) at 9.45 pm, Saturday in the waters of South Johor.

RMN in its statement said, the PATI had been detained for trespassing Malaysia via the sea route that had not been gazetted.

“The Malaysian Maritime Sea Surveillance System (SWASLA) had traced the presence of a boat that was moving fast from Pulau Batam, Indonesia and suspected to be heading to the Teluk Ramunia, Johor.

“The Area Control Centre (ACC).Johor had sent the trespassing information to RMN asset KD Ganyang that further coordinated to RMN FCB1123 and the fast interceptor craft RHIB LEPAU to intercept the boat,” the statement added.

According to RMN, realising the presence of the RMN’s boats at the location, the PATI boat had tried to enter but the fast reactions of the FCB1123 and RHIB LEPAU had succeeded to stop and detained them at 1.5 nautical miles south of Teluk Ramunia.

RMN statement added, the PATI detained were taken to the Pengerang Maritime Post Jetty and handed to the Op MERPATI Team for investigation and COVID-19 screening tests. All the detained PATI will be handed to the Royal Police Malaysia (RPM) for further investigation. – Malaysia World News


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